Log Home Builders in Northern Minnesota

Hopefully everyone is having a great summer so far. We have been busy with a remodeling project, wrapping up one log home project and getting ready to start another. We get asked quite a bit if we travel to build log homes in northern Minnesota. Yes, we are able to travel throughout Minnesota so help you get your log home built. We work with you with all phases of the log home building process regardless of where you are building. We will make a site visit or two early on to help get the planning phase underway. It always helps to see the site as early as possible. It helps in bidding and we will offer some suggestions on house placement  as well.  The next question is can we be competitive being we are traveling? Again, the answer is yes. We are used to traveling as log home builders  and have done many log home projects throughout northern Minnesota. We are experienced in working with log and are able to bid accurately being we are familiar with the product and what goes into completing your log home or log cabin. We use a mix of local subcontractors as well as some that travel with us. Again, they are all familiar with us and the product so that helps to keep things running efficient. We have built a few log homes near Lutsen and across to the Lake Vermilion area. Other areas include Duluth, Cromwell, Aitkin and Spicer, MN to name a few. If you are looking for log home builders in northern Minnesota and beyond, feel free to give us a call for more information.

Homebuilder in Central Minnesota

Hello! The spring rush has set in here at Keen Construction and finally got some time to update our blog this morning. We are just about to wrap up our hybrid rustic home project in central Minnesota. We worked on it over the winter and soon the homeowners will be enjoying the summer in their new lakeside cabin. From there we will be moving onto both conventional construction as well as log homes in Minnesota. Plans are being finalized and we will soon be in motion again.

We get asked quite often if we build anything other than log homes. As central Minnesota home builders we build all types of homes and also offer our building services for remodels, decks and porches. Outdoor kitchens are getting more popular by the day here in Minnesota and we can help you out with a project like that as well. Outdoor kitchens and living areas are great additions to your current home or cabin. Our central location makes it easy for us to provide our services throughout Minnesota.

We have our own custom home designer so we can help you out from the idea through the completion stages of your project. Working with us from start to finish will help streamline the process and keep the project on your budget.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let us know if you have any questions.

Minnesota Log Homes

The weather is warm, the days are longer and log home plans are being finalized so spring must be here to stay. While Keen Construction, Inc. offers our services for conventional homes and building we do specialize in log homes and log cabins in Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. We get asked at shows as well as by phone and email if we travel to build. The answer to that is yes, we do travel. We have built log homes throughout northern Minnesota and with our location in east central Minnesota and our network of sub-contractors we can build anywhere. Just a small sampling of where we have built log homes would be Lutsen, MN, elsewhere on the north shore of Lake Superior, Lake Vermilion, Grand Rapids, Mille Lacs area, into southern Minnesota and in the surrounding areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Log homes are a specialized style of building and we are happy to hit the road to help you get your project on the ground and completed. Being we are only an hour north of the metro it is easy for us to meet with you close to home to go over plans, costs and ideas to save you hours of road time during the planning process.

Our log home builder services include:

• Planning and design service

• Preliminary site visit and site evaluation.

• Arrange for soil test, septic and wells

• Project management and scheduling of all subcontractors

• Rustic Cabinetry

• Radiant heat

• Remote home monitoring

• Staining, painting and caulking

• Lot clearing, driveways and culverts

• Landscaping

From site visits to completion, we are here to help you get your dream log home built. For more information on Minnesota log home builders visit our website or give us a call.

Log Home Builders in Minnesota

You can feel spring in the air here in Minnesota! It won’t be long and spring will be in full stride. Now is planning time for your upcoming log home or log cabin project. As log home builders in Minnesota we see quite a few people get a bit confused in comparing log home packages between companies. That can get confusing being no two log home companies offer the same “package”. It is up to you to sort through what is what but the main thing is to not get too caught up on just the materials side of the equation. Getting the log home built is the other side of it. As log home builders we will work with you on your plan and get costs gathered for your complete project. We will supply what isn’t included from the log home company and can take care of all carpentry labor as well as bringing in our subcontractors for all the mechanicals, concrete, painting, staining, etc.. As log home builders in Minnesota we do build both half log and full log construction and serve all of Minnesota and throughout northern Wisconsin. We can work with you on construction options and help you figure out which one is right for you. But, the main thing is to not get too hung up on log home package vs. log home package and start looking into field costs earlier in your research stage.

Log Cabin Builders in Minnesota

We had a great time this past weekend at the Lake Home and Cabin show that was at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth and said hello. As quite a few of you know, Keen Construction are custom home builders here in Minnesota but we also specialize in log homes and log cabins in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We have traveled throughout both states building homes and cabins, some on lakes and others in wooded settings. While we have built some rather large homes, both log and conventional we get asked frequently if we build smaller cabins. Well, yes we do offer our log home builder services for smaller cabins regardless if you want log or conventional materials. We hear frustration from people that they flip through magazines or visit websites that only feature larger homes while they just want a cozy cabin. We are here to help you get your log cabin built! We can help with all phases of the project from planning to completion. We can take care of everything right down to the dock to tie your boat to!

Full log or half log? That really is up to you but we can sit down with you and go over both so you can make the decision that is right for you. Some plans lend themselves to one or the other but usually both construction styles can be made to fit just about any plan.

Feel free to visit our website for more information about Minnesota log cabins and let us know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Lake Home and Cabin Show in Minneapolis

Hello! Things have been busy here at Keen Construction this winter. We have some projects underway and have been happy with the unusual winter weather we are having. It makes working outside a bit more tolerable this time of year. Building log homes in Minnesota during the winter can be challenge some years. Speaking of log homes, we will be at the Lake Home and Cabin show this coming weekend, Feb. 10 thru 12, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We’ll be there to talk log homes, cabins, remodeling and any other projects you made need done at home or up north at the cabin. Don’t forget, with the rustic hewn half log we use we can transform your existing cabin into a log cabin pretty easy. We have many log profiles and corner styles to choose from so make sure to stop by our booth to see what is available. As Minnesota log home builders we build both half log and full log construction and can help with all phases of the project.

If you make it to the show stop by and say hello or feel free to visit our website or call with any questions.

Log Homes on the North Shore of Lake Superior

As log home builders in Minnesota we get quite a few inquiries about building on the north shore of Lake Superior. We get asked about building anywhere from Grand Marais and Lutsen on down to Two Harbors and Duluth. We do offer complete home builder services on the north shore and have built both log homes and rustic homes there in the past. Our custom home design service really comes into play for homes in this area. With so many excellent views from just about every direction from the house everyone wants to bring the outside in as much as possible. We can’t blame you for that!  It is a great area to have a home or cabin in. Some of the lots there can be challenging due to rock or steep terrain. We have worked with these issues before and will work with you on site to place the home properly on your lot.

The photo below is of a full log home we built a couple of years ago.  It is right on Lake Superior not too far from Lutsen.  The focal point on the interior of the great room is the fireplace while taking in the awesome view of Lake Superior. The view of the lake was also taken into account for the dining area so the lake could be seen from both the kitchen and dining area.

log home on north shore of Lake Superior

We offer our building services throughout Minnesota so feel free to call us or visit our website for more information.

Minnesota Log Home Builders

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Our updated website was launched today and we will be posting on this blog our current projects, log home planning and building tips as well as information regarding our other services such as remodeling, additions, porches and sunrooms and custom home design. We service all of Minnesota as well as northwestern Wisconsin. We have built everything from cozy cabins to elegant lake homes. Again, thank you for taking the time to stop by and for more information on Minnesota log home builders feel free to visit our website.